Our Services

The West Carleton Family Health Team offers a wide range of health care services to our patients. The list below outlines some of the most popular services.

  • Preventative medical care: by using the best available evidence, we provide the information and resources for patients to maintain good health and prevent disease.
  • Well-baby and well-child care (developmental assessments).
  • The annual physical has been replaced by a periodic targeted health assessment based on the individual patient's age, gender and specific risk factors.
  • Complete physical examinations are performed when required for the diagnosis of complex symptoms.
  • Immunizations: All childhood vaccinations and adult boosters, annual flu shots, pneumonia shots (when indicated by age or medical condition), hepatitis A and B (on prescription), TB skin testing, and Tetanus Diptheria .
  • Maternity Care and Obstetrics has been provided by the physicians for more than 25 years, with deliveries being done at the Queensway Carleton Hospital
  • Supportive and Educational Counselling or referral to the appropriate resources are provided following an assessment of the issues
  • Allergy Shots are provided during regular office hours.
  • Treatment of warts, minor skin lesions and "sun-damaged" spots.
  • Minor emergencies including suturing of lacerations.
  • Specialized services:
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Newborn Circumcision
    • Doppler Examination for peripheral arterial disease
    • Cardiac Loop Monitoring for rhythm disturbance
  • On-Site Services:
    • West Carleton Diagnostic Services (X-RAY) is open to the public - extension 173
    • Bio-Test Blood and Laboratory Specimen Collection is also open to the public - extension 150
    • Dental Services - 613-839-3264 or http://www.westcarletondentalgroup.com/
    • West Carleton Physiotherapy Massage & Sports Injury Clinic - 613-839-2619 or http://www.westphysio.com



Our Location

119 Langstaff Drive
Box 218
Carp, Ontario
K0A 1L0
Phone: 613.839.3271
Fax: 613.839.3273