West Carleton Family Health Team Health Portal

Your West Carleton Family Health Team has completed the initial steps to a new and innovative approach to the delivery of health information to our patients.

We have developed a “Patient Health Portal” for you, our patient. This portal will allow you to view some of the information stored in your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and also allow you to add information on a regular basis such as blood pressure and weight (that is copied to the EMR).

The portal also has tools for patients and providers to establish self management process around various lifestyle risk factors.  Patients can access education on risk factors, including the associated health risks and life style changes they can implement in their daily lives to reduce these risks.  Patients can also set a personal goal for improving a risk factor and track their progress in the portal.

As we gather information from our patients that use the site, improvements will be made and information/features added. It will continue to be a work in progress.

Currently we have focused on features for our “Hypertensive” patients. They can track their weight, waist size and blood pressure. Future versions will bring on features for our Diabetic patients allowing them to track blood sugar levels. You do not have to have any of these conditions to use the site, any patient can use a subset of the features available to monitor their general health and learn about risk factors.

We invite any of our registered patients to register on the portal and start using the features available. To register <click here>

We suggest you review the Getting Started document first.



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