Coping with Nausea

Here are a few tips from our OB doctors to help reduce, eliminate, or manage nausea during pregnancy.

  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Eat something when you wake-up, before getting up
  • Get up slowly - sudden movement can aggravate nausea
  • Avoid fried, fatty, or highly spiced food
  • Reduce or eliminate fluids with meals - be sure to take these fluids between meals
  • Try to avoid odours when cooking - turn on the hood fan above your stove, open windows or have another person do the cooking
  • Eat foods that are "soothing" - carbohydrates tend to be more appealing
  • Avoid milk and red meats - they are most upsetting
  • Have fresh air while sleeping
  • Occasionally, iron containing vitamins can worsen stomach upset. If these bother you, just take folic acid supplements and restart prenatal vitamins when morning sickness subsides.
  • Eat a high protein snack at bedtime
  • Take food with you wherever you go
  • Listen to your body and do whatever works best for you


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