Vaccines are very important to help reduce, or in some cases even eliminate diseases that have caused illness, disability or death in earlier generations. In Canada, vaccines are now a routine part of healthcare and support the maintenance of overall health.

Physicians and staff of the WCFHT support vaccination. We encourage our patients to get immunized to prevent illness from common and preventable diseases when a vaccine is available.

To learn more about individual vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and the relative risks and benefits of vaccination, visit: The Vaccine Education Centre.

Please note: If you or your child has had any immunization at a location other than the WCFHT (e.g. pharmacy or school), it is important that you help us update your record by informing our staff. You can provide this information through the Patient Health Portal or inform our nurse over the phone or at your next visit.

Stay up to date with your immunization record on our Patient Health Portal