Periodic Health Exams        

What is happening to “Physical Exams”?

WCFHT is transitioning away from the annual physical to perform “Periodic Health Exams” at specified intervals.

Periodic Health Exams are office visits which are used primarily for screening and promoting healthy behaviors. These are performed at time frames which mirror when certain screening tests are performed. These visits are less frequent when you are young, and more frequent as you age. The Ontario Ministry of Health supports this transition.

Below age 50, Periodic Health Exams generally occur every 3 years for women and every 5 years for men. Over the age of 50, these exams may occur every 2 years. The interval may be adjusted by your doctor depending on your medical circumstances.

What about my prescriptions and regular health checks?

Many patients will need regular office visits to assess and monitor chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease etc. These “Chronic Disease Visits” often occur every 3 – 12 months and are booked at the conclusion of your office visit.

What if I have a concern that is serious and I think will take more time?

If you have a concern or multiple concerns which you feel will require more time, please notify the receptionist. They will work with you to schedule the appropriate visit type and time to address your medical needs.

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