Community Paramedic

The West Carlton Family Health Team was the only Health Team in Ontario to be chosen to pilot a Community Paramedic project from now to the summer of 2015. 

West Carleton and surrounding areas will benefit from a share of one-time provincial funding of $6 million to enhance patient access to care during a pilot project involving Ottawa and Renfrew County Paramedic Services.

Local paramedics will receive specialized training to provide specific care for at-risk patients making frequent 911 calls to receive health care treatment in a hospital emergency department or high risk patients that would benefit from at home medical assistance.

The community paramedic project will operate from a non-transport response vehicle. These vehicles are fully equipped for the services that will be given to the patients.

The dedicated paramedic will be assigned to patients who are high users of the health care system or have mobility issues resulting in sub-standard care.

"We're looking to fill that gap so there is no duplication of services, just using the paramedic skill set to augment the services that we provide in the office," Dave Sellers, the Director of Operations said.
In the 911 world, paramedics are 100% reactive.

"We're attempting to be pro-active with this program, visiting patients before they make an emergency call or need expensive medical treatment." Sellers said.

The pilot project based in Carp is a little different than those run in other parts of the province. The CP program will be focused on the patients registered with WCFHT (18,000) and referred to the program by the clinicians at WCFHT based on an evolving selection criteria.
The results of this project will be closely monitored to determine the benefits to the patients and the health care system.

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