Patient Delegation of Privacy

It has been a common practice for many years, that a spouse or partner would make arrangements for medical appointments or inquires if a test results have arrived in the office. We have done this on a verbal – trust relationship. We have always required written consent for the release of medical documents in hard cover format.

After reviewing our privacy practice, we have elected to change this practice.

We have updated our policy in conjunction with changes to our computer systems. This will allow us to individually record a patient’s directions with regard to safeguarding their medical information.

In September 2012, we changed our privacy practice, requiring written consent from a patient to release information to another party verbally.

Parents and guardians of children under the age of 16 years, do not need to complete this process unless there are special circumstances such as:

  • A court order pertaining to custody.
  • The children do not have the same surname as the parent or guardian and it would be difficult for us to determine the relationship.

For the purpose of privacy, children 16 years and older are treated as adults and have the right of complete privacy. If they wish to include their parents or guardian, they will need to complete the authorization form.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Our staff will only communicate directly with patients.
  2. We will not communicate with parents or guardians of children 16 years and older if there is no written consent on file.
  3. If we have written consent on file, we will communicate with the delegate.

Authorizing changes:

  1. You may complete the Privacy Authorization Change form available on our website and forward it to our office. This form is for a single delegate.
  2. If you have a complex arrangement with more than one delegate, then you should send us a letter detailing the arrangements.
  3. If the delegation involves children under the age of 16, please document this in a letter to us.