Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • With a Family Health Team model of care, will I still get to see my doctor?

    Yes, but depending on your problem when you contact us, you may be offered an appointment with another staff member assigned to your care team. Health Care Teams are made up of 1) Your Physician 2) Alternate Physician 3) Nurse Practitioner 4) Other Allied Health Professionals. Family Health Teams offer a group approach to health care where your doctor will be able to focus on your complex medical problems but you’ll have access to different health care professionals according to your needs.

    Because each Physician is managing the care of many patients, they may not always have appointments immediately available when you need to see them, but other professionals on the team do, and can resolve your problem expeditiously. Your physician will be consulted as required and always has access to your health care plan via your medical record.

  • What happens if my physician retires or goes on maternity leave?

    Your access to a health care professional will continue uninterrupted. If your physician retires, we will find a replacement, or you will be transferred to one of the existing physicians. If your physician takes a leave of absence, a temporary replacement will be brought in. Your health care needs will continue to be managed by your Health Care Team.