Patients are encouraged to register their personal email address with the WCFHT for the purpose of:

    • Appointment acknowledgements, confirmations and changes
    • Notice of new Patient Health Portal message

Consent is granted to the WCFHT for use of the patient’s email for health related notifications if an address is registered in our system.  The patient may request that their email address be removed from the system at any time. An email is required in order to register for and have use of the Patient Health Portal. Emails are treated as confidential and part of the patient’s health care information.

Patients will also receive the following from time to time. They may unsubscribe from these notifications by informing our reception staff.

    • Monthly clinic newsletters
    • Special announcements E.g. Clinic hours for holiday periods

The patient agrees to notify WCFHT promptly of any changes to their email address or any other contact information. WCFHT strongly encourages patients to register a personal email address with us to minimize ‘out of office’ emails due to vacation or parental leave.

DO NOT SEND US ANY EMAIL MESSAGES REGARDING MEDICAL CONDITIONS, BOOKING OR RE-SCHEDULING OF MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS. We will only accept emails pertaining to changes of address, phone numbers or email addresses. Emails to reception will only be read when our staff has time available.

WCFHT has a Patient Health Portal that is offered free of charge to our patients. This is a secure platform used by your healthcare team to communicate medical information and for you to ask questions, book/cancel appointments, view lab results and more. Please register at

All emails from WCFHT originate from the domain. Automated notifications are sent from emails such as These are outgoing email accounts and are not monitored. All incoming emails to these accounts are automatically deleted. You may need to add such an email to your contact list to prevent these emails going to your SPAM folder.